squares in squares

Squares in Squares

First of all my apologies for not posting yesterday, but as we had a really eventful week last week in which I managed some drawing at my daughters bedside, but sewing was just not an option. I will finish the cute bag this week and will give you the finishing touches and the pattern pdf next Monday.drawing sheet

As for a little drawing exercise. I have done this one with my eldest daughter as it is the Easter holidays and she loves crafts etc. almost as much as I do. (as a matter of fact she is al ready talking about a blog of her own, which I think is wonderful.) And if I want to stay creative when the kids are at home I think the best way to make progress is to include them, even though that limits the things you can do. I guess it serves as a challenge.

I printed out two sheets (160329 squares in squares) with 4 big squares and told her and myself to draw squares in the squares. This could be done in pattern or one inside another continuously, so it gives you a feeling of perspective. She took like it as a duck to water and I must say I enjoyed it too and found that there were a lot more possibilities then I thought. Give it a go and Enjoy! Here are our results;


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