magazine trees

Paper Landscape: Back drop

Making doodles, crafting, fiddling with paper or other pieces of material, I love it all. It not only keeps me busy, it takes my mind of of other things, stressful things. You could call it my form of meditation or mindfulness and I can thoroughly recommend it. Why, because if everything goes to plan you have a beautiful thing at the end and if not, you have learned a lot and you get to destroy what you have made, which is another great stress reliever.

materialsPeaceful landscapes are considered another meditative subject and we are coming along nicely with the tree and the cat and the sun. I initially drew in a background, but I have decided that since everything else is made of magazine, these elements should join.


  • magazine
  • scissors
  • pen
  • glue stick
  • landscape
Use a piece of magazine that is left over from your other elements. On the back draw the shapes you like. I have drawn the tree, but felt bold enough to cut the house free hand. Youthe cut elements can fold the piece of paper to cut out the same shape twice, then you only have to draw once. Compose the back ground (perhaps I should have done this bit a the start to make the whole thing easier, but now you know where your main elements are placed, so it isn’t all bad.) Now glue the elements in place. Don’t worry to place them a little over the edge, you can trim these easily. Here is your finished back ground. I think I landscape with back dropmight make some grass this week to complete the landscape or a flower, we will see. Enjoy crafting!



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