flowers on glass

Packing Tape Transfers

You hear it often enough and I am one of those people who say “I never win anything.”. But I can not say that anymore, through Instagram I have won some craft books and a subscription for CreativeBug from Creative Bug. They run a bunch of online creative bottles with packing tape transferscourses and one of them is about transfers. It is a very simple process and lots of fun, but I was still at a bit of a loss on where to use it. Pinterest gave a couple of ideas, but I left it for a bit.

The technique popped up again for me when my daughter came home with the leaflet asking for volunteers for the school fete. A big happening here in Queensland at most state schools. As a crafty mum, I of course am volunteering at the creative gift stall. A bunch of mums, dads and grandparents make things to be sold, just before Mothers Day.

We also get things donated, but some of these can use a spruce up. And all of a sudden it became clear, where to use my newly acquired skill. scented candles in a bottle and some other small glassware could do with some decoration. Here is what I did;


  • black and white drawing (160323 flowers and apples)
  • laser printer or laser copier
  • packing tape
  • scissor
  • water in a relatively big shallow bucket
  • baking paper
  • glass container

You can use magazines or laser copies, but I liked the idea of my own drawings. So I drew flowers and apples (as one of the scented candles was apples flavour) on a piece of paper. I have a pdf of these for you 160323 flowers and apples. Take into account the size of the packing tape or the height of where the transfer is going to go.

Make a copy of your drawing on a laser copier it cannot according to my teacher be an inkjet. And cover your drawing with a strip of packing tape. Burnish the tape onto the paper, to ensure good contact. Roughly cut out the paper and stick the strips into the bucket of lukewarm water. Leave it for a while to soak. I would say at least an hour, but I have done it overnight.

When it is properly soaked you can rub the paper of the back of the packing tape. Magic transfer on glasswill happen as the paper comes of the ink will stick to the packing tape and more over the packing tape will stay sticky. When you have removed all the paper put it sticky side down on some baking paper to dry. If you then find that not all paper has gone just make it wet again and remove the remainder of the paper.

When your packing tape is dry, you can stick it to your glass object. Be aware of air bubbles. Isn’t it sweet.


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