circle and line result

A Circle and A Line

circle and line“Simple shapes are the basis of every drawing.” “You can always bring a subject back to the basic shapes.” I am loosely quoting drawing instructors. I often pass this stage as I don’t think about it, but it definitely does help to first outline the basic shapes and then fill in the other parts or connect lines.

As I was playing with shapes in my 15 minutes of drawing a day, I was thinking of shapes differently. It made me want to see what I could come up with if I put two simple shapes together. On the computer I drew a circle and a line, very static, but

when I stared at it for a while, I started to see, a tree, a lollypop, a flower, a street sign, a…. Now I am not going to give you more ideas. I have pdf-ed (160322 circle and stick) my circle and line for you and am curious what you see and will draw. Please feel free to comment your ideas below and Enjoy!


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