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Knitted Bag Continued

Hope you had a great time knitting your moss stitch, aaaaaaahhhhhh. Just found out that the Dutch gerstekorrel is a seed stitch in some countries and in others a moss stitch. Whatever you name it, it will be lovely for this little bag.  I love the seed stitch, it feels lush and sumptuous to me and with the right wool it is nice and soft. sewing the lining

As for the strength of a big stitch knitted clutch size bag I am a bit dubious, so I have made a lining of a fabric. For a fabric hoarder like me it is not very hard to find a fitting cotton fabric for the chosen wool. When I see a fabric in an op-shop that I really like I will buy it even though I am not always sure where I am going to use it. This checkered fabric I have had for at least two years, but as soon as I saw the white wool it was clear for me that this should be the insert. Now if you are not a fabric hoarder, I would have a look at your local quilt store. They often have affordable colourful quarts, that are perfect for a little project like this.

How to continue your bag making;

Measure your knitted rectangle, it will be approximately 26 x 32 cm. That is the size of mine, but as everybody has a different hand in knitting, one a bit tighter then the other, the size might vary a little. From your fabric you cut a piece of the same size. Both pieces need to be folded in half over the short side, which will make your bag approx. 26 x 16 cm. You also need to cut two length of fabric to be able to adhere your handles to the bag. If you plan to purchase mine then these piece will measure 19 x 8 cm, if you have your own handles you will have to measure the amount of fabric needed yourself.

With a sewing machine or by hand if you have none close the short sides of the fabric. Now you have a pouch. Iron out the seams for neatness and iron about 1cm of fabric over at the top. Secure with pins if you feel it is necessary and sew around to fasten. The last bit of machine sewing this week is, to sew about 1 cm on the short sides of the attachment pieces, on either side.

As for the knitted pouch, you will need either a big needle to accommodate your thick wool, or you need thinner wool in the same colour to close the sides. Closing a side on a knitted object, I have bee taught, happens on the right side of the “fabric”. Once the thread is attached (or you work with the left piece of starting or ending of the work), you pick up one stitch on one side of the seem and one stitch on the other side. Continue and pull tight or perhaps I should say straight. This results in the neatest edge. At the end insert two pouches togetherpush the needle to the inside of the bag and finish it of so the thread does not go anywhere. Do this on both sides.

Now you can push the sown pouch into the knitted pouch. Give yourself a tap on the shoulder, well done. We will attach the handles next week.

You can order my handles through my Etsy store renateandtheanthouse


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