Paper Landscape: The Sun

Looking out of my window in Brisbane Australia I see the sun, granted at the moment there are some clouds, but the sun is always there. And thus for the little card size paper landscape that I have been working on, I want a sun. But how to make a sun that fits the landscape.

Initially my heart was set on a filigree sun, thin strips off paper rolled up. I think I will have to use that technique somewhere else as it was to fiddley for this little landscape. materialsAlso I wanted to keep on using the same magazine paper that has been used so far and that is a bit thin for the filigree technique.

Having a look around my craft books and the internet I came across a fan, that looked perfect for what I needed. Here is how I made my sunny sun.


  • magazine
  • scissors
  • piece of string/thread
  • sticky tape

folding a fanAs a sun is yellow and I wanted to inject some colour in my picture, I looked through my magazine for some yellow, but I could have or perhaps should have picked another colour just for fun. I found a page with yellow flowers and cut out a square of approx. 4 x 4 cm. This squared got folded in the following way. Fold the square in half then open it and fold the side to the middle fold line, then open it and fold the next outside rim to the second fold. Now you can start to make a fan fold back and forward. It turned out to be too small so I repeated every thing I did to make a full circle. With the piece of string tie the two fans together in the middle. Fan out the outside ofthe sun the fans and stick them together with sticky tape (very fiddley I can tell you and my husband just came home with the kids when I was doing it and of course they were on top of me wanting to know what I was doing…..) Take your time. Use the end bit of your string to hang the sun from your sky. Enjoy your sunny day landscape. Next week will fill in the drawing at the back to make it fit in.

My blog weekend starts now. You can keep in touch with Renate and the Ant House though via Instagram @renateandtheanthouse or Facebook


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