Handy Notebook

After having children, I started to carry paper and drawing implements with me. These could be crayons, pencils or just ordinary pens. And when we had to wait somewhere at the doctors or eating out, they would come in very handy. I noticed though that I also wanted to draw. So now I carry a little notebook for myself as well, not to big as we mums are carrying all kinds of stuff already, but enough to keep me happy.

As a matter of fact, when we are early on school runs (yes it sometimes happens) it is very materials note bookrewarding to take out my notebook and draw. I get a little audience, that make admiring noises, which makes you feel good.

I have in the meantime realised how easy it is to make my own little notebooks from double cards, so when one is full another is within reach. Here is what I do.


  • A6 double card, made by you, send by a friend, your pick
  • 10 sheets of A4 printer paper, 80gr is fine, I like to use a bit heavier, because of bleeding
  • needle and pin
  • thread that fits through the needle is strong but not too thick, like sewing or embroidery thread.
  • sponge
  • scissors or if you have a cutting machine

Take your 10 sheets of printer paper and cut them in half, then fold them in half. See if they folded fit inside your card. Adjust with scissors or cutting machine where necessary. Of course you want it to look nice, but as it is for personal use don’t sweat when it is a bit of. Put the papers inside the card, fold line on fold line.

Take your pin and sponge and make three holes in the fold line in all the papers and card at the same time if you can. Lay your papers on top of the sponge and put one hole in the middle, one above that hole approx. half way between the first hole and the top of the page and one below the first hole approx. half way between the first hole and the bottom of the page. Again if you are making them for somebody else, you might want to go through the trouble of measuring precisely the size of the sheets and the placing of the holes, but your eye is a very good tool and it is much quicker.

finished notebookTake your needle and thread and thread it through your needle. From the inside of your notebook stick your needle and thread through the middle hole. Leave a good length in the middle for later. Then come up through the top hole. Back down through the middle hole and back up through the bottom hole. Put a tight double or triple knot in the thread using the two ends (the one you left and the end with the needle) you might want to borrow somebodies finger, but it is possible to do it by yourself. Cut of the ends, not too short.

Now you can start enjoy doodling or writing when your out and about, instead of staring in your phone perhaps?……



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