knitted bag

Knitted Bag

After I made my own screen printed bag with papermache handles that I introduced to you knitted baglast week (link here), I did have the feeling I wanted to do more with it. I thus made more handles, not knowing why. The handles lay around for a while. Then for another project I was left with some chunky yarn. How the two ended up on the same shelf, I am not quite sure, but the combination appealed to me. I made a knitted bag with fabric lining and showed it in one of the knitting Facebook groups I am a member of and got very positive feedback. As it is a simple pattern I thought it to be a great one to start with.

Don’t get me wrong, we will take it step by step. This week we will do the knitting part and at the end I will put all the instruction on a pdf for you to print.


  • knitting needles no.10
  • yarn
  • scissors

cast onFirst you cast on 22 stitches. Now for the total novices casting on means you are going to make the loops that you are going to knit. You can find lots of video tutorials on YouTube. Once my cold is over and my daughters will let me I might have ago at a YouTube channel myself, but at the moment I will refer you. The reason I don’t give you a specific film is, there are several ways of doing it and you have to find the way that suits you.

The stitch I have used is called a moss stitch. It is simple as you alternate a knit and a purl and on the return pen you alternate the stitches. Here is it is pattern language:

Moss stitchTake of the first stitch, then repeat 1 knit, 1 purl to the end of the needle. On the return take of your first stitch, then repeat 1 purl, 1 knit (hope I am doing this right as it is the first time I am writing something like this out.)

The reason to take of the first stitch and not knit it is so that the side of your knitting becomes more neat.

You repeat this for 42 needles and then you cast of i.e. you knit two stitches and pull the first one over the second one and of the needle. Then you knit another stitch and pull the second one over the third one of the needle, until you are left with one stitch on your needle. Then you cut your thread, not too short and pull it through your last stitch and pull it tight. Make insert fabricsure it goes through the stitch otherwise you can start knitting all over again.

First part of your bag is done. Congratulations, you get to pick some great accompanying fabric for next weeks insert. The picture shows mine…



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