Paper Landscape continued: Cat

Last week I started a landscape with a paper tree and some drawing in the background and realised it wasn’t finished. There are some elements missing and one of the elements is an animal.

materials for paper landscapeAt our household when we talk about animals the first one that comes to mind is a cat. Another advantage of a cat is that a cat is relatively easy to draw. So much better then a cow or horse which I have also contemplated. Perhaps with some more practise and a bigger landscape I will give it a go, but for now we stick with the cat.

So what did I do. I first gathered my materials;

  • A4 scrap printer paper
  • piece of magazine paper
  • glue stick
  • pen
  • scissors
  • and last weeks landscape

my drawing of a catI found a picture from the magazine that I thought resembled a cats colour and would go with the tree. 20-20 Hindsight letters would have worked as well. As my magazine has very thin paper I decided to glue it on to a piece of printer paper. I at least wanted my cat to have a chance to stand up, or better sit up. The printer paper also gave me a better opportunity to draw the cat on there. If you have a specific way you want your animal to face, remember that your drawn image will face the other way once you cat, cut and foldedturn it towards the right side.  I must say I would have liked my tail to face the other way, but unlike you I didn’t think to hard about it. I also drew a tapered stick on top of the cats head about the same length as the cat plus a bit extra. Not because I wanted a unicorn kitty, but because that is what is going to help the cat sit up.

After I cut out the cat with the tapered attachment still attached, I folded it backwards. Then I folded the tapered stick inwards a little bit twice so I could glue it to the cat and have stand that I can glue to the landscape. Having done all that, the cat is now enjoying the shade of my paper tree. That means that we need a proper sun in the sky, but that will happen next week….paper sculpture cat in landscape

Oh and my blog weekend starts now. You can keep in touch with Renate and the Ant House though via Instagram @renateandtheanthouse or Facebook  


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