Whoa, it is almost Easter

Whoa, it is almost Easter, which means school holidays and exchanging Easter eggs with all kinds of people, at least here in Australia that seems to be the norm.

materials for Easter egg basketShortly after Christmas the shelfs in the shops filled themselves with the most beautiful packaged eggs, that unfortunately cost a fortune. Here is what we will be doing for the neighbours.

Easter egg basket;


  • cardboard cupcake lining
  • strip of thick paper
  • sticky tape
  • shredded paper
  • Easter eggs
  • scissors

attaching the handleThe cardboard cupcake liners are great. They come in all sorts of colour schemes, so you can even customize for your friends tastes. Cut a thin strip of thick paper and use the sticky tape to make a handle on your cupcake liner. Your basket is done. Fill it with shredded paper (lots of people have their own shedder at home now, but if you haven’t cut up an old promotional letter in thin strips to stuff the basket with.) and lay the eggs on top. I managed to colour coordinate my eggs with my basket and shredded paper, but I am sure any combination works.complete Easter egg basket

Aren’t they cute.

By the way I also used these baskets to bring birthday treats to school. Both mums and children were impressed. This basket has been confiscated by my eldest daughter to keep her treasures in. Enjoy making them.


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