triangles and lines

Exercising my drawing muscle

My drawing muscle needs lots of exercising as it doesn’t come naturally to me. My mother could always doodle for hours when she was on the phone with one of her sisters. Don’t filled in with ballpointget me wrong I love to draw, but I was taught at school (I am talking primary and secondary) that it had to look like something.

Now I am unlearning and sometimes just make dashes and circles and lines. You know if you do that in a reasonably organised way it actually looks good.

Following some inspirational triangles and linesillustrators, that love triangles I have made myself a pdf with triangles that I can fill in which ever way I want. Here are two of my examples. In the first one I used an ordinary ballpoint and dashes and squiggles, in the second one I found three of the same colour pens with 3 different thicknesses and just drew lines. I am curious what you can come up with. You can draw your own triangle sheet or feel free to download mine over here triangles. Enjoy!


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