Explaining about bags

Now for something completely different.

my bagAs I said I am a maker and I want you to tag along with me (so please give me your feedback). That is why most of the activities on Activity Book for Adults are straight away accessible and doable, because if they aren’t you and I will procrastinate. I love the blogs about all the beautiful pins people have pinned, but they have never done anything with them. Here you can print your page a draw or sticky tape at least twice a week. For the other activities you might have to rummage around the house a bit more, but usually you should be able to find it or get the ingredients at the supermarket.

This day will be for the more adventures under us. I will attempt  to provide you with patterns for bags. Why? will you ask.

handmade handles by renate and the ant houseWell I have made a bag for my own use. Every time I go out with it I get compliments. People apparently love my bag and especially my handles. I have looked into making these bags for a living and found that they were becoming to expensive. But I would like to give you the opportunity to make your own. I will offer my handles in my Etsy shop, but the patterns I develop will be free and will be suitable for other handles as well.

Next week I will take you on my first bag journey. It will be a knitted bag on no.10 needles and 1 boll of yarn. You will also need some fabric to line the bag. So this one is to be continued…..


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