15 Minutes of Drawing: how to start

Everyday I draw for 15 minutes as I have discovered practice does make “perfect” or at least better. It is really enjoyable and I share my pictures on Instagram @renateandtheanthouse.

ants in the gardenMy Sunday post is going to be my favourite drawing of that week, as not all of them are great. Also I am going to give myself a theme for the coming week. Now I know there is a bunch of challenges out there that give you ideas for a drawing a day and they are great, so by all means go ahead and follow them, draw to your hearts content. One of the ones that I saw a lot from is CreativeBug, they have popular illustrators guiding you every month this year.

beatles on poppiesI had started my own regime before I discovered those and I am sticking to mine.  If you would like to come along, here are my “rules”

  • I draw for about 15 minutes
  • I draw with one chosen medium (at the moment artline 0.4mm pens and a square notebook that was given to me.)
  • I keep to a theme a week, this to explore the idea a bit more then just a different thing everyday
  • I post my drawing good or bad on Instagram #15minutedrawing
snail heavenFeel free to join me. If you let me know you are going to join me, perhaps we can set up a new hashtag, then I will promise to publish my favourite once a month and send them a prize.
Last week I drew : In the garden
Coming weeks theme: Cats

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