Start of a landscape: Tree

I want to take you on a paper journey. So far I have showed you 2 dimensional things I do and make. On Thursdays I am going to try to get to 3 dimensional shapes and activities.

materials for paper treeI have started to make a little landscape, that needs further exploration. Inspired by people who make beautiful book art, I want to explore the 3 dimensional page. I just do not feel confident to start with books. What I do have is lots and lots of magazines and I do not need all of them to stay. They make wonderful craft material though. magazine page and scissors

A landscape is a good project to start in 3D I thought and within a landscape the tree is very important. Lets start simple though. And this tree is simple. You need one sheet of magazine paper. I choose one with an image on both side, which results in the tree having a “colour”. I folded the tear side in 1/3 of the way. Then I made cuts on the other side of the paper up to the folded piece. After that all you have to do is roll the magazine page up and use a piece of sticky tape to keep it in place. Let the branches fall free. You can pull out the top a little bit, be careful though.

sticky tape the endI then stuck my tree on a card on which I drew a horizon and some more trees and a house as the start of my first paper landscape. Next Thursday a new element.

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