“That means Collage”

One of the best ways to make time to exercise your creative muscle and if you have kids is to create with your kids. The challenge though is to leave them to do their project and for you to do your own. Both of them do not have to be master pieces.

My girls know that I love to create, as a matter of fact I used to blog about my endeavours at 2craftand2create . There I was a mum crafter, that wanted her girls to amount to a product, but I have evolved and have found that it is much more relaxing to do your own project. I do do the same kind of project though as otherwise they will want to change and do what mum does.

materialsAs the eldest is going to school I get to spend more time with missus 4 and she loves to paint, but she loves collage even more. After I had read her a story I asked her what she wanted to do. She made some inexplicable gestures and then said with a big smile on her face “That means Collage.” Honestly it could have meant anything, but that big smile of her made me get out the glue stick, and some old magazines. She got her pens, scissors and a big piece of paper.

As I said I let her do her thing and she was inspired by our cat that came to join us. I was totally uninspired and I tend to go to shapes then. One of my favourite shapes is the circle, which I took as inspiration.

So think of a shape and draw, glue and stamp it, you will be pleasantly surprised. And ifcollage of a 4 year old you are not then there is always the round filing cabinet and a new blank piece of paper. Just enjoy yourself.


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