Hi, I am really excited about saying hi to you, as I hope this is the start of a great blog with lots of sharing and creativity, two of my passions.

Who am I? I am Renate a passionate maker of objects. I have an Etsy store with printed goods and an Instagram and Facebook page all under the name of Renate and the Ant House.

All of these pages state that I love to print, I love to craft and I love to share. And this blog is going to be my ultimate sharing project, starting today.

faces-3 So often I hear from my friends, “but you are so creative.” Don’t get me wrong I like hearing that because I like being creative. I believe though that you can be too. Everybody can be creative at their own level, but with as much enjoyment as I feel when I am working.

I want to help you and myself to keep creatively fit by giving you exercises that I do to play. I will show you how I play them and give you.

As I was preparing for this blog I was going through all kinds of emotions and as I have a very expressive face, I can only imagine what I looked like at times. As a first drawing exercise I have compiled a PDF with 4 circles that I would like you to turn into faces. Think of emotions or look at your emoji’s for inspirations. PDF faces and remember Enjoy.


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